Residential Treatment

  • Sitting Area
  • Basketball and volleyball court
  • Maynord's Pond.
  • Front Porch
  • Gazebo Little Pond
  • Sitting Area
  • Walkway

"Where It All Begins"


Treatment is a proven and effective alternative to expensive hospital treatment. You will receive a variety of treatment approaches to enhance your recovery. We understand the physical afflictions of substance abuse as well as the physiological effects it’s had on you. We will work on the issues relating to the cause of addictions as we address them in lectures, one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy, communication, stress management and relapse prevention skills, family program, reentry groups and continuing care. Our professional team of state certified drug and alcohol counselors, a preferred Physician who is a American society of addiction medicine doctor and client support staff provide expert social model treatment for addiction. The client's treatment process is kept strictly confidential. Attendance at six weekly meetings of N.A. or A.A. is offered on the premises and in the community.

Healthy Body and Mind
Maynord's offers a serene retreat conducive to healing the body, mind and spirit. A one time massage is included while in treatment however additional may be available for a reasonable fee. Residents enjoy great freshly prepared food including home made bread and pastries. Also the opportunity to be out in the clean mountain air for exercise and recreation. Proper nutrition is a key to good health and supports recovery, therefore we serve a balanced and nutritious menu. We have basketball, volleyball, horseshoes and exercise equipment for your health and enjoyment.

Family Program
Our goal is to have individuals and their families know a new beginning, freedom and happiness. That is why we support  family member's attendance at family day program held every Sunday from 9am to 5pm covering topics including:

  • Understand about Addiction and Recovery
  • Become proficient at Emotions and Feelings
  • Helping Vs. Enabling
  • Understanding Maynord’s Recovery Center role in suggesting referrals and our Continuing care.
  • The Role of the Family in the Healing Process
  • Codependency and Interdependency
  • Communication

This program is an emotional healing group process that builds the bridge for understanding, trust, compassion, and love for the families. Sunday afternoons are dedicated to visiting family members, children and friends.