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Since 1978, Maynord’s Recovery Centers has helped thousands of clients regain control of their lives. Maynord’s Recovery Center provides intensive residential, sub-acute detoxification. Treatment settings are for adult men and women over the age of 18 suffering from the disease of addiction. This philosophy, and many years of experience adheres to a belief that alcoholism and drug dependence are complex problems and a primary illness.


Maynord’s Recovery Center has been leading the way in substance abuse and addiction treatment services for 36 years. Helping men and women over the age of 18 abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol and maintain long term sobriety. Located near Yosemite National Forest and in the foothills in the Sierra Nevada our 22 acre ranch is in a serene setting with walking trails around a beautiful pond, there is a basketball court, Volleyball court with sand, plenty of outside sports equipment and an exercise room


Most every recovery program begins with detoxification. Clearing your body of the toxins that have built up over the course of your addiction is a vital first step towards treatment. Once the bio-chemical effects of addiction are addressed, we can begin the process of mental and emotional healing. Detox is frequently the most challenging task an addict or alcoholic to face on their road to full recovery. We provide a safe, comfortable detox to take you through the process.


Sober living operates as a close knit family. Out residents share a number of responsibilities, but more importantly they provide emotional support, love, and encouragement to each other. This caring attitude fosters inward strength so that after leaving a Sober home residence, you are mentally and physically able to handle the inevitable stresses of everyday living without the use of drugs and alcohol.

  • Joan Maynord Annual Motorcycle Run
  • Our Sitting Room
  • Maynord's Pond which houses fish and seasonal turtles.
  • Laying Canadian Goose. We have hundreds that migrate through.
  • The main house at the Ranch.
  • One of Maynord's cows.
  • Laying Hen.
  • One of Maynord's bunnies.
  • Chicken Coup.
  • Serenity and staff.
  • Canadian goose keeping her eggs warm.
  • More Geese.
  • Wild Turkeys