Treatment That Works for You
Being a family owned and operated treatment facility with over 35 years of experience providing successful addiction treatment services to our clients, Maynord’s Recovery Center understands the challenges faced by alcoholics and addicts in their struggle to become sober and stay sober. We address the client’s distinctive needs by offering a comprehensive set of individualized treatment plans. Our professional team of clinical experts provides a caring and nurturing environment where chemical dependency can be addressed through our medication assisted detoxification program and treatment program at our beautiful and serene treatment facility. We treat our client’s with dignity and respect while helping them successfully transition from treatment back to their community. Through Maynord’s Recovery Center the alcoholics and addicts will not only learn how to abstain from alcohol and drug substances, but will learn to do so in environments that are safe, welcoming, respectful and empowering.IMG_0466

It takes courage and willingness to become clean and sober. Maynord’s clinical staff offers the attention you deserve to get to the heart of each client’s problems, and deal with the wreckage from the past and build the foundation for a new and exciting sober life. Maynord’s has provided our clients over the years a new perspective on living clean and sober to enjoy your life. When it’s your time to take the first step, choose the drug or alcohol treatment center that is right for you or your loved ones: We are nationally accredited through CARF and are a State licensed alcohol treatment and drug treatment center that can help you become sober and will equip you with the best tools for success in your recovery. We have helped over 15,000 alcoholics and addicts over the last 36 years who have successfully completed our program.

Our program is a proven and effective alternative to expensive hospital treatment. Clients receive a variety of treatment approaches to facilitate their recovery, and a comprehensive treatment plan created for their individual needs. Addictions are addressed in lectures, one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy and reentry groups. A multidisciplinary professional team of State Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselors, American Society of Addiction Medicine Doctor and Client Support Staff provide expert social model treatment for addiction. The client’s treatment process is kept strictly confidential.

Sub-acute detoxification allows clients to withdraw safely from alcohol or other drugs that create physical dependence. Medication assisted detox for Opiates, Alcohol and Benzodiazepines. when necessary and assessed for, medication assisted detox for methamphetamine, and cocaine is also available. Read More…IMG_0453

Education / Counseling
Days are filled with educational videos, lectures, individual and group therapy and counseling. They also receive training on communication, stress management and relapse prevention skills.

Healthy Body and Mind
Maynord’s Ranch offers a serene retreat conducive to healing the body, mind and spirit. Residents enjoy the comfort of a massage and great food and the opportunity to be out in the clean mountain air for exercise and recreation including tai chi. Proper nutrition is a key to good health and supports recovery, therefore we serve a balanced and nutritious menu. We have basketball, volleyball, horseshoes and exercise equipment for your health and enjoyment.

Family Program
Our goal is to have individuals and their families know a new beginning, freedom and happiness. That is why we support the family member’s attendance at the one-day family program held every week on Saturdays at Maynord’s on co-dependency, addiction, and the recovery process. This program is an emotional healing group process that builds the bridge for understanding, trust, compassion, and love for the families. Sunday afternoons are dedicated for visiting family members, children and friends.