SunShine Inn

SunShine LogoWelcome to Sunshine Inn, where Maynords provides residents with a safe, supportive environment filled with the unconditional positive regard and fellowship necessary to learn to live a fulfilling life in recovery. Sunshine Inn Sober Living is a co-ed house, located across from Maynords treatment facility.


Our sober living offers men and woman transitional housing in recovery that creates a bridge between treatment and independence. Many of our residents attend local colleges and universities and/ or attain full or part time employment in local businesses, while living a clean and sober life.

IMG_1375Our transitional housing program combines mandatory group meetings, continued individual counseling meetings , and attendance of 12 step meetings in the community that they are required to attend. Attending meetings daily in our small rural community helps residents to learn ways to create a sober living network. Each resident is required to find a sponsor and a support group in preparation of leaving Sunshine Inn.IMG_1329

We have found over our years of experience that whether residents decide to stay in Tuolumne County or return to their hometowns that in meeting the challenges of building an outside sober social network here; they are better able to generalize that model to any geographic location. All applicants must complete a minimum of 28 day residential treatment and transition door to door to Sunshine Inn.

We look forward to partnering with you on your journey toward living life on life’s terms.

*Sunshine Inn sober living has requirements that differ from Dove Ridge Sober Living. Please contact the Sober Living Manager regarding which house is in your best interest. Matthew Williams (209) 928-3737