Our History

Maynord’s Recovery Center is celebrating 35 years in community service.

Joan Maynord is a survivor. And she wanted to help others do the same only in a kinder, gentler way.She and her late husband Bob Maynord both recovering alcoholics founded Maynord’s Ranch in August of 1978. Bob had been a minister and was a volunteer at the former Alcohol Information Center in Tuolumne County. Joan was a successful real estate broker. All their skills came into play when the Ranch opened on Cherokee Road near Tuolumne with beds for 12 clients and Joan and Bob took on all the work, from cooking to counseling to keeping up the acreage and managing billing. Their inspiration was a shoebox full of information, gathered by a woman at the alcohol center. She liked the idea and did much of the research, but did not know where to go from there. The Maynord’s did, though they were soon to discover that one piece of the research had been overlooked a license. “We were open only a few weeks when the state came knocking at the door,” Joan said. “What license?” was their genuinely innocent reply to the state inspectors. Officialdom was soon satisfied in the form of both a license and certification, and they were off and running again. With Luck (and Joan’s real estate insight) led the couple to the oak studded property near Cover’s Apple Ranch. Two separate purchases have brought the total to 22 acres. At home on the rolling acreage with a pond and 100-plus-year-old barn, were a handful of cows, some happy chickens, goats, a horse and a somewhat disabled and quite tame turkey. The cows and chickens remain. “I think the animals are an important part” of a special program, Joan said. Thirty five years later and now called Maynord’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Centers Inc., with a variety of options and sites, the program has helped more than 10,000 clients over the years. Aftercare meetings located in Tuolumne, and Stockton. Maynord’s Recovery center is a family owned business. Joan Maynord’s son, James now the Director, her daughter Shana, the Program Operations Manager and daughter Nancy, all work together to continually improve quality of service and to focus on the individual needs of the persons they serve our stake holders. A family program in more ways than one, Maynord’s recognizes that addiction is a family disease and offers a day of treatment for family members to learn about the disease of addiction and their own recovery. Joan met Bob Maynord in a Southern California bar, she admits without embarrassment. Alcohol cost him his pulpit, though he did not realize it at the time. “He knew something was wrong, but was not sure what,” she said. As for herself, “I thought he was the real alcoholic. “When Bob went into treatment to start his recovery, Joan also quit drinking “to be supportive. After I thought he was sober enough, I decided to drink again. I was out of control in three months, “and was able to stop once again and get back on track. The two were married in November 1977 and moved up to Tuolumne County from Buena Park three days later. “He thought I would like it. It reminded me of Missouri, where I grew up,” she said. He was right. “I fell in love with it,” she said. Joan said she has always wanted to do something to help people. How she would eventually do that was determined by her own recovery but also by her childhood. She spent a year and a half in an orphanage that was “sterile and distant,” she said. “I wanted to help others, but I wanted to do it in a different way, in a more homelike atmosphere,” a comfortable and safe place to do some serious work, on one’s self she said. Along with the original ranch house and barn, Maynord’s Recovery Center now has a classroom learning center, business office, expanded dining room and new kitchen, 30 beds, counselors’ offices and a separate building where counselors can meet with families or staff members can eat lunch. What people often do not understand, she said, is that recovery is different for everyone. For some, relapse is part of the process – “just so they don’t give up hope. Cancer treatment does not necessarily work the first time. “Addiction is the only disease known to man that we know we can put into remission,” she said. “There is no shame in having this disease, and there is no shame in getting treatment,” she said. Maynord’s Recovery Center’ treatment program is covered by many insurance plans and employee assistance programs. We also give a great reduction in price to cash paying clients. The residential program embraces the principles of 12-step recovery with addiction treatment.Maynord’s attracts clients from several states California, Utah; Nevada, Arizona and more recently the East Coast.